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A tasting box to target your favourite maple syrup!

Published on 19/11/2021

By Éric Caron

We are pleased to officially launch our tasting box which contains six (6) bottles of diversified maple syrup. In Canada, maple syrup is classified into two (2) grades and four (4) colours. Category A maple syrup is found on our grocery shelves, while the processing category is generally used by large food companies. At the colour class level, light transmission makes it possible to determine whether a maple syrup is golden, amber, dark or even very dark.

Why is it important to know the colour classes of Canadian maple syrup? The answer is quite simple. You probably have a favourite maple syrup, but you probably never had a chance to single it out. It is possible that you have been consuming golden syrup for a decade, while your taste buds prefer the very dark or vice versa. In short, the purpose of our tasting box is to help you discover the varieties of maple products to guide your future purchases.

The tasting box can easily be used for an evening tasting with friends or family. The six (6) products, included in this single box, come from the collaboration of several companies: SylvAcer, Appalachian Chaga, ExlPure, as well as producers of haskap in northwestern New Brunswick. The four (4) colour classes are presented in addition to two (2) specialty products, namely chaga-infused maple syrup and haskap juice.

Our tasting box includes six (6) diversified bottles of 500 ml for a total of $100.

If you have any questions about the products presented, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Happy tasting to all!