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The taste of our maple syrup infused with chaga

Published on 08/11/2021

By Éric Caron

We launched MapleCure two months ago and many people have been asking us about the taste of our chaga-infused maple syrup. You will no doubt tell me that I am biased in describing its taste and I completely agree with you. So I would like to share with you a customer's comment. It reads as follows:

"Less sweet maple syrup, very smooth on the palate. If you are already familiar with the taste of the mushroom, you can very easily taste its subtlety. Wonderful achievement. Well done!"(Signed by Mona)

With our 80,000 organic taps, our annual production is between 700 and 900 barrels. We are therefore fortunate to be able to choose our best maple syrup to create our chaga infusion. In terms of properties visible to the naked eye, chaga infusion has the effect of darkening the shade of maple syrup by one to two color classes. In addition to the fine flavor of chaga, we can also detect a hint of alcohol found according to the standard authorized by Health Canada, which is less than 0.5%.

We invite you to come and see our distributors to taste our star product. If no point of sale is located near you, you can order online at www.maplecure.ca.