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Appalachian Chaga: Our core values

Published on 17/10/2021

By the Soucy family

Since the beginning, Appalachian Chaga has remained committed to 4 core values:

  • Ensure chaga is collected in respect of its environment
  • Ensure chaga is collected sustainably
  • Ensure rigorous quality and safety testing
  • An open mind to innovation

The first two core values were manageable through our own harvesting and safeguard standards and through our quality control. With a broad base of core skills and expertise, our innovative partnerships made the 3rd and 4th core values happen.

We have partnered with several independent labs, both in Canada and the US, to ensure regular quality testing. When it came to innovation, we found ourselves fortunate to collaborate with Mike Doucette, a chemist with the CCNB-INNOV right here in Grand Falls! Having Mr. Doucette on board was the link that brought to light the potential of partnering with Sylvacer, another local business. We are thrilled to introduce MapleCure, a new innovative product! 

Everyone can now enjoy the sweet tasting antioxidant-rich maple syrup of our very own Appalachian Chaga extract.

Cherie, Jolie, Jason and Ruby