Maple and Fruit Boxes

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Maple and Fruit Boxes

In stock
$CAD 114.00
Length - 6.36cm
Height - 31.5cm
Width - 14.2cm
Weight - 6.36kg

By Sylvacer and ExlPure (Maples):

1 Bottle of  Organic Maple Syrup infused with chaga

1 Bottle of Pure Organic Maple Syrup | Golden, Delicate Taste

1 Bottle of Pure  Maple Syrup | Dark, Robust Taste

By ExlPure (Fruits):

1 Bottle of Haskap Juice Drink

1 Bottle of Wild Blueberry & Haskap Juice 

1 Bottle of Haskap Syrup

500 ml, 16.9 fl oz per bottle

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